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Focus On Your Business & We'll Focus On Automating Your Email Marketing

There are many communication channels your business can use to generate sales, but email is still the center of the marketing universe.

It’s the #1 permission-based system to be inside your customer’s personal space.

How Our Team Can Help:

Dopamine Triggers offers email marketing on both a per-project basis as well as end-to-end management basis for aggressive small businesses, website investors and info-marketers.

Our team is comprised of seasoned direct response copywriters and marketers who write for results and nothing less.

We can accommodate all of your email copywriting needs including:

  • In-Depth market research
  • Split-testing subject lines, email copy and calls to action
  • Setting everything up in the email deployment system of your choice
  • Stacking your autoresponder sequences
  • Managing list hygiene to keep response rates high

For a free assessment of your present lead generation efforts and what crucial elements are missing in your existing email marketing, fill the form below and we’ll respond within 48 hours.