Building Real Businesses Vs Personal Brands

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As the weeks count down to the launch of the new Dopamine Triggers platform, I got to thinking about a conversation I had with Joe, a former employer of mine, several years ago.

I’ll forever be thankful for having met Joe because he really taught me a lot about the realities of internet marketing.

Joe was co-captain in a highly-influential info-publishing firm (which has now gone the way of the dodo bird).

One day after work, I had to ask Joe a big question; “Why did the company yank all of its products off Clickbank?

Because Clickbank was owning our business.”

Joe’s firm, like many other serious businesses, has its own set of protocols.

They were fed up with having people who know nothing about direct response dictating how their copy should be written, how to format their videos and cross-examining all products.

They were tired of not being able to engage affiliates the way they wanted to (in Joe’s own in-house aff program, new affiliates got 100% of their first three sales to get them all juiced up).

Clickbank Makes Its Money From Failure, Not Success

clickbank-debit-scamJoe also gave me a few other insights that day.

He explained that Clickbank has deliberately stacked the deck against new affiliates because making money from failure is far easier than helping affiliates succeed.


First they require that all new affiliates make at least five sales before they can get their first paycheck.

Why would they do this?

Because Clickbank knows the stats.

Our friends in Idaho know that most affiliates are newbies who struggle to make even three sales.

Let’s say that Tom in NY sells some  gym guru’s ‘Get Big Muscles Now’ course for $50.

Clickbank immediately takes its cut and then begins to chip away at Tom’s balance with its notorious ‘debiting’ system.

They know that most guys like “Tom in NY” usually give up when they can’t make more than two or three sales.

Bottom line is – if someone else is controlling the intake of money you earn, dictates the terms of its release and allows itself to dip into your cookie jar on a whim, a real business you have not.

Rookie affiliates aren’t they only prey CB is after.

Entrepreneurs running a personal brand are one of Clickbank’s favorite targets.

So many just don’t know any better.

If they did, they’d ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Do you require the holy benediction of an office clerk with no background in business for the ‘right’ to sell?
  2. Who controls the flow of the money? (If the answer is ‘not me’, red flag)
  3. Who owns the customer data?
  4. Who has the final say on your sales copy and your sales funnel?

I’m not telling you running a personal brand is wrong for you – it could be the best possible fit, however, I will be challenging you to examine the pitfalls that come with following a model that is getting ever more perilous…

…and you might not realize how much control you’re giving up to outside elements.

In two days, the March edition of the Dopamine Triggers Letter will be mailed out and I’ll be sending a THREE-part series today on the subject of how much control you have over your business, as well as setting up an operation that can run without you.

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