Death of the “Personal Brand”

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Life is enough of a challenge, so why is it then that so many of us impose limitations on ourselves?

Eat too much junk food, you limit your health.

Set only the most modest expectations for your business and you instantly limit its potential.

Limitations erode our reason for existing.

If you’re all about a personal brand, you have to understand that you’re placing a hefty set of limitations on yourself.

The other day, I had a conversation with a serial entrepreneur who’s created and sold (or presently holding) several companies that have grown very rapidly.

Yet, ask around and not too many people in the IM game know his name.

Care to guess why that is?

It’s because he’s too busy building (or buying) REAL businesses and holding these income engines none of their USPs have anything to do with him personally.

Personal brands are great if…

…you’re Tony Robbins.

Or Jim Rohn.

Or Dan Kennedy.

I’m writing this for you because I need you to make a very honest assessment of what you’re doing in business.

Are you building a personal brand so you can finance a cool lifestyle?

Or do you want to build something that can operate on its own?

The reason I ask is this – if something were to gravely injure you tomorrow, could your personal brand run without you?

If you died tomorrow, would your survivors be able to sell your brand?

Smart personal branders laid the groundwork for the scenario I’m talking about now ages ago.

Dan Kennedy began orchestrating his exit from the company after his own name quite a while back. He did it by co-founding an entity with Bill Glazer, GKIC – the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle.

Today, Dan contributes to the company and enjoys the fruit of royalties and license fees. All because he showed them how to sell his products using automation and systems.

Had Dan not undertaken the effort of transforming a personal brand into a transferable entity, he could’ve realistically found himself in a position where he still had to hustle in his golden years.

Personal brands are very peculiar.

#1 – They rely on charisma. I’m an introvert by nature, so believe me, I know when a fellow introvert is making the mistake of trying to market him/herself with personality. It’s not to say your personality sucks it, just means that extroverts hold the advantage.

#2 – Personal brands can boil down to a popularity contest. Ever discover a TV show you thought was brilliant, but was cancelled because the ‘majority’ couldn’t wrap their fickle little minds around its brilliance? Same goes with the online game.

#3 – Let’s say you break through the barrier and YourName starts to take off. How much involvement will you need to stay in business? I mean, even if you outsource it, how much will you have to create to keep stoking those flames of interest?

Food for thought.

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