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    Compel your site visitors with content that converts them into valuable leads.
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​Killer Content = Equal Parts Value & Action

​Dopamine Triggers has a very peculiar formula for marketing success and business growth. This is where we break it down into an 7-part formula so you see how we do it.

How do we do it?

We do it in 7 steps...

​1 – The Code of Cult 

Many of the off-beat monster and horror pictures that built rabid followings were produced on small budgets that couldn’t offer much in the way of marketing the film once it was ready.

The film’s producers had to build cults (hence why you hear a film has achieved ‘cult status’).

Once cult status was achieved for one flick, future films by the same team would gain traction on the strength of their names.

If building an email list (your cult) is not already a priority, be sure to make it the #1 element on your growth list.

2 – Curiosity Captivators

Long before the internet was found in every household, people were still enthralled in a child-like way with ancient symbols of mysteries (the pyramids), the paranormal (can the dead really return as ghosts?) and mythical un-captured beasts (leviathans).

Time-Life books were masters at stoking the fires of curiosity in both their TV commercials and direct mail campaigns – to the point where some recipients of that direct mail would collect it because the story-telling was so fascinating.

Don’t have a product that is ‘paranormal’ or ‘mysterious’ in nature?

That doesn’t mean that a strategically crafted Facebook ad or Youtube ‘Mysteries of the Unknown’-style teaser can’t coax readers/viewers into wanting to know about your product.

​3 – The brightly colored
trading card strategy

​Did you ever collect trading cards that weren’t sports-based? We’re talking about the ones Topps used to produce in the 80s like Dinosaur Attacks (pictured left) and Garbage Pail Kids.

These cards featured premium art that captivated kids and had them scanning every last detail of the image.

The flipside of the card had two short paragraphs that boiled down the story of what was on the other side of the card.

The Two-Fold Result = the captivating art and compelling mini-stories became addictive and saw kids heading back to the store to buy more packs as well as trade with other kids, building their appetite for more.

Once you start bringing customers into your cult, you need to feed them bites of captivating content via email that leaves them salivating to have more.

pages are about relating to your reader. Don't jump right in and start talking about your product.

Instead, tell a story. Write about how things feel. Write about problems, frustrations, experiences, triumphs. Think about a movie or TV series - it's all about the characters and how much you care about them. And you only care about them if you can relate to them.

​4 – Never launch without a trailer

This one ties right into part three – your trading cards strategy.

The best way to get your next product launch off to an explosive start is to use the trading card strategy to get attention, then once you have it, offer only morsels of information.

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Let’s say you’re the die-hard type of fan – getting a teaser trailer a full 8 to 12 months prior to the movie’s release is sweet torture.

Chances are, you don’t have the box office budget to wait a year for launch, but you should be able to build pre-launch campaign a good 14 to 30 days prior to launch.


Keep it simple. ​


​Don't Hide Expertise - Blast It.


​Aim To Inspire Ideas

5 - Fixation Loops

No classic comic book from the pre-90s era would be complete with the outrageous ads spread out across its pages.

Many ads came and went, but two stalwarts you might remember to this day are Charles Atlas and his rapid muscle growth formula and the fabled Sea Monkeys.

No matter what criticism those two ads came under, they just kept on running for years.

There was a very good reason those two same ads kept reappearing for so many moons…

The companies behind them had a complete and total understanding of how their target audiences’ thoughts and feelings and what triggers motivated them to turn those thoughts and feelings into action.

6 - The Tie That Binds

Once your cult is to be presented with an offer, keep in mind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. All those hippies, ‘artistes’, bikers, scenesters, con men, hobos, touring musicians and gypsies that helped shape this equation…

…there was one thing they shared in common with the business owners we rub shoulders with today and the people in your own entourage:

They all adhere to Maslow’s law.

The only difference it the ways in which they go about fulfilling these needs.


Consult Your Cult

It sure would’ve been nice if comic book readers automatically took to any cool new character Marvel and DC would throw their way, wouldn’t it?

Without an instant medium like the internet to help guide their decisions, the comic book producers would introduce new characters through existing titles.

Then, based on letters they got from readers (yep, fans would actually take the time to read), would make plans for a mini-series around one character before committing to an ongoing series.

Your own cult should be treated no differently.

A paper published in the August, 2011 issue of Psychological Science showed that consumers who had a small range of product options and no way of giving input on the products they needed or wanted left them with a feeling of being powerless.

By having your customers tell you what they want, you’re not only empowering your profitability, you’re making them feel valued.

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“His gift for mimicry is really incredible.”

​My name is John Romaniello, and I’m an internet marketer who sells health and fitness products.

​My specialty is creating workouts and blogging, and this has allowed me to build a nice sized business– one which demands a good deal of my time. And, like any busy person, I have to decide which tasks I’m going to handle personally, and which I’m going to outsource.

The decision to hire a copy write didn’t come easily, mainly because I traditionally write my own copy and I have a fair hand at it. But, truth told, it’s not my strong suit. I realized that if I wanted to take my business and my newer products to the next level, I needed to hire some help.

That’s when I -found John Breese. After reviewing his work, seeing his conversion rates, and really getting a feel for how he did business, I realized within minutes that he was the right fit; and thank goodness I made that decision!

John is fast, thorough, and above all talented. He writes words that sell, but more importantly than he writes them in a way that captures YOUR voice, and allows you to continue with YOUR core message. His gift for “mimicry” is really incredible.

I’m really happy I went with John – the copy is great and I was able to place my trust in someone who didn’t disappoint. I’ll be using John for future projects, without a doubt.

–John Romaniello

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