For Serious (but very busy) Consultants:

Here’s a game-changing resource that’ll get you up to four times more response from every email you send your list


Dear Reader,

You already know the old expression by now – “The money’s in the list.”

OK, but what if your list is NOT producing any results?

What if you’re consistently getting more unsubcribes than opt-ins?

It’s one of the most common problems faced by entrepreneurs and small businesses (I’ve also worked for medium and large-sized companies who secretly struggle with list response too).

The issue of getting response has led some of my own subscribers to ask me if I’d write emails for them.

The answer has always been ‘No’.

It wasn’t until I took a walk on a cold winter morning in Toronto that an “a-ha moment” gave me a picture of how I can help entrepreneurs who want to get their hands on email copy that converts

…without compromising the time and attention I need to devote to my own ventures or high-ticket clients.

I call the result of that “a-ha moment”…

The Email Marketing G-Drive


What Is It?

There’s something very different about this subscription than other email marketing-related monthly resources.

First, these email marketing templates are hosted in a private, protected folder on Google Drive, all you need is a Gmail account to access it.

And what exactly do you get?

Email marketing copy that commands a response…in the form of 7 email templates written with the same energy, curiosity-piquing open-loops I write my own emails with.

Once you get these copyright-free templates, you can fire them out to your list right away or load them into your autoresponder (or both).

Each month, you’ll get seven more email templates.

That’s just the first section of the members area.

Section Two of the Email Marketing G-Drive:

There are several folders you can explore, with each one designed to optimize and grow your business in its own way:

  • Grow subscriber lists
  • Increase conversions
  • Find hot new traffic channels and harness them
  • How to write copy that appeals to ever-changing markets
  • Standard operating procedures you can use to train outsourcers
  • Countless content & email marketing swipes
  • Several easy-to-implement growth hacking guides

So as you can see it’s about a whole lot more than just email marketing templates.

Dopamine Triggers is the exact one-two punch you and other entrepreneurs need most in an environment that keeps getting more competitive.

What Day One Of Your Subscription to Email Marketing G-Drive Looks Like:

You could easily use ONLY the 7 email templates you get each month and quickly make your money back.

But I want you to maximize your profit potential.

That’s why I’m also setting you up with simple exercises and basic training — to help you build an instinctive feel for the art of writing emails.

That’s where the Content Marketing and Email Swipes folders come in.

What you’ll find here will help you get the sharpest Jedi-like understanding of the way your market’s mind works.

By setting aside the time to go through the training and case studies, you’ll come away with a completely different perspective of your market and what it really wants, including:

  • How an American novelist who’s considered an English Lit student’s “worst nightmare” is one of the most successful authors specifically because he breaks all the rules. You’ll see how his style will boost your business results
  • The #1 habit that, if you do it for just a few hours a month, will radically alter the quality of the emails you craft & sharpen your marketing intuition like never before
  • How a punk rock purist and recovered dope-fiend not only saved thousands of original thinkers from marginal thinking, but also created a writing style worthy of A-list copywriters without even knowing it
  • Are you a little too “ordinary” or “vanilla” to captivate an email list and foster a profitable relationship with your readers? That’ll change completely after your read this
  • The Beer & Chicken Wings Formula: Every time you take a 15 to 30 minute walk and apply this formula, you’ll see your response rates get on a continuous climb
  • Stop over-estimating the (not-so) big secret behind writing copy that flows. Follow This framework and you’ll never overlook the (profitably) obvious again

The Cult of Growth Hacking:

Want to keep growing your list without dumping hundreds, even thousands of dollars into Facebook, hoping your ad will be approved and you won’t lose your budget on worthless “Likes”?

In section two of the Dopamine Doctrine course, I steer you far away from the pack and show you how to build a list of leads that are warm (not the cold traffic you can expect to get with Facebook Ads and other PPC platforms).

It’s not to say PPC is bad – not at all.

But if you want to jump several steps ahead, get the leads that are already warm and then use your email templates to make those warm leads HOT, this is the way to go.

Just some of the lessons you’ll get include:

  • The vital mindshift I embraced to grow my list – you’ll see exactly how to mentally focus your approach (this isn’t fluffy woo-woo crap – it’s quite strategic)
  • You’ll see how I got a 65% response rate from entrepreneurs I approached to come on as affiliates for a past product launch
  • Blast from the past: want priceless insights you can get from a 1987 book that compiled what tactics low-tech attention hackers used to get worldwide media attention
  • How to sell VIPs what master salesman Frank Bettger referred to as ‘the will to listen’
  • A simple 5-item package you can create in a simplified rinse & repeat fashion that can expose your work to thousands of new subscribers
  • How to send an attention-arresting piece of paper that guarantees at least 30 seconds of attention for mere pennies
  • Get the writing hacks of a home-based entrepreneurial dad used to get the attention of the Food Network and make millions of dollars as a self-publisher
  • Creating irresistible calls-to-action: Find out what a freight train riding hobo did to get one of his friends to travel across the country by freight train…for something worth $10.

Additional Mystery Bonus


Your subscription to the Dopamine Triggers Letter also gets you a comprehensive deep-dive into the model of business continuity.

You’ll learn from one of the pioneers of online marketing as he reveals how he created several businesses that are powered by automatic monthly payments and how he won’t start a business unless a credit card can be charged each and every month.

Whether you sell physical consumer goods or membership sites, the insights contained in this book will completely change the way you look at starting your next business (or altering the model of your present enterprise).

Now let’s get back to the centerpiece of the G-Drive:


Your 7 Monthly Email Templates
Are Loaded With Dopamine Stimulants

The email templates you’ll receive each month are designed to take cold leads and artfully transform them into HOT repeat clients.

These emails sell the hunt every bit as much as they sell the kill.

The copy in the emails releases the dopamine necessary to make your subscribers take action.

There is however one CRUCIAL thing YOU absolutely must have.

What might that be?

A damn good product or service.

As I’ve just been telling you, dopamine is a very powerful thing.

However, once the “Buy” button has been pushed and the customer gets the product or service…the dopamine rush starts fading.

Put another way:

The Email Marketing G-Drive builds a tower of expectations that generate all the excitement needed for a sale to happen.

Once that sale does happen, you have to meet (and ideally) exceed that tower of expectations.

If all your customers get is sizzle, and a peanut-sized portion of steak, it won’t matter how well the copy works, people will get upset.

Enter The Soap Opera Sequence

Does that term sound familiar to you?

If you’re serious about your email marketing, it certainly should.

Soap Opera Sequence = Andre Chaperon.

Think of a soap opera sequence (SOS for short) as a sequence of emails that move subscribers through a serialized narrative…

…a narrative of story-based emails that are the (emotional) delivery vehicle of your marketing message.

This sequence communicates how your ideas and products translate to value for your subscribers. How effective can an SOS be?

Andre once wrote of a 27-part SOS where there’s an offer only in email #27.

Care to guess what Andre’s conversion rate is on email #27?

31.42% conversions…

…for a $127 product.

No sales letter, either.

My master plan:

To arm you with professionally-written emails crafted by someone who has focused almost his entire copywriting career specifically around email marketing.

As someone who sets time aside to pen fiction when he isn’t working on marketing projects, I have a great deal of love and appreciation for the Soap Opera Sequences Andre introduces in his course.

Like I’ve mentioned, your emails can be fired out as blasts when you initially get your hands on them, and then “stacked” into an SOS you can set on auto-pilot.


What You Get With The
Email Marketing G-Drive:

Within 24 hours of your subscription being confirmed (usually a few minutes after purchase)and you’ve submitted a Gmail email address, you will be sent an access link to the G-Drive.

The Cost:

Individual emails written by a professional copywriter would normally set you back $250 an email.

This means that if you do hire a copywriter…

…you’re looking at an invoice for $1750.

Some copywriters will cut you a 10% discount if you go over 5 emails.

Even after that discount, those seven emails still come out to $1575.

Your Email Marketing G-Drive subscription will bring you those same 7 emails for only…

$97 / month

$37 /month



I’ll repeat that offer.

This subscription costs $97/month $37/month.

If for some reason, the content doesn’t resonate with your readers, you can feel free to cancel at any time – you are NOT tied down.

By investing in the Email Marketing G-Drive for an entire year, you’ll get…

…84 professionally-crafted emails for $444


$1575 for only seven emails.

Oh, and don’t forget, you also get full access to an amazing library of resources that’ll help you produce higher-converting content marketing, stimulate better email marketing ideas, outsource like a pro, grow your business faster using strategies NO ONE ELSE is using.

I’ve just given you a ton of info on what the Email Marketing G-Drive is and how it can help you grow a potent, automate business, but just in case you need more info, I’ve added an FAQ beneath my signature.






“How much does the subscription cost?”

The regular cost for a subscription is $37 (USD) per month.

“Why would I pay for email templates when I can use all those old emails I’ve collected?”

Well for one thing, that’s illegal.

The copy you see in any ad, is considered intellectual property and is therefore protected.

If you’re ever caught using someone else’s work, you can expect the same consequences as if you tried passing off someone else’s novel or song as your own.

With the Email Marketing G-Drive, you get full license to use the emails as part of your marketing program.

“Is there a guarantee?”

No one can ever promise specific or “typical” results, because there really isn’t such a thing.

Your products / services and your relationship to your list are entirely different from other players in your market.

Regarding cancellations and refunds: You are free to cancel at any time, no questions asked.

However, NO refunds will be issued as once you’ve accessed the email stockpile, as well as put all new email templates you’ve received during your subscription to use, they are irretrievable.

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not you should try this, call a few professional copywriters and ask them what their rates for 7 emails a month would be.

“Can these emails work for my industry?”

While these emails are geared to the business sector, the email copywriting course your subscription comes with will take you by the hand and show you how to easily tweak the emails in your monthly swipe so that they “speak in your voice”.

The double-bonus here being that over time, you’ll come to understand the psychology of your market and hone hidden copywriting skills you never knew you had.