Email Marketing For Restaurants – Standing Out In A Red Ocean

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email-marketing-for-restaurantsEmail Marketing For Restaurants – Your Cure For UberEats

While claiming that restaurants fail at a rate of 90% in their first year is a gross exaggeration, intense competition has driven many would-be restaurateurs to shutter their doors in short time and put an end to the dream.

Truth be told, most restaurant closures are deserved.

Harsh statement?

Well, let’s take a look at the areas restaurant owners fall short when it comes to marketing their establishment.

If the eatery is chef-owned, you can bet your bottom dollar the main goal is to garner as many positive reviews as possible and to be showered with accolades from colleagues and critics alike. Collecting stars is not a business.

Other restaurateurs open eateries because they feel it’s a cool way to earn a living, but don’t really give much thought to the marketing strategies that are required to remain solvent in an extremely competitive industry.

We’ve canvassed restaurants in the past to get an idea of how they were using digital marketing to continually build their base and you wouldn’t believe how many sets of eyes we’ve seen glaze over when we tried to explain what email marketing is and how it works (properly).

Those restaurants wise enough to explore email marketing came to realize something very specific to their profit margins:

With a list of people they could tap, they could eliminate UberEats, GrubHub and all the other food delivery apps and relieve themselves of the headaches that come from making extra food and barely turning a profit.

Email Marketing For Restaurants: The Key To Recurring Income

Restaurant memberships are still rare, but until the concept gains in popularity, email marketing could be the closest you can come to a monthly recurring income you can count on depending on your list’s rate of engagement.

However, it must be said that if you are interested in one day launching a subscription plan for your restaurant, having a list of people you interact with on a regular basis is the key to successfully persuading your diners to let you charge their credit cards on the first of each month.

More on that another time. For now, let’s continue with the basics.

Implementing Your Restaurant’s Email Marketing Plan

Things don’t have to be complicated.

Let’s take a look at Planta, a very popular plant-based restaurant in Toronto:


As you can see, they take two shots at capturing email addresses to build their database.

What can you expect once you do start building a list?

Well, that depends on a number of factors.

How do you plan on building your email list?

Will you buy traffic?

Are you advertising on radio?

Are you incentivizing your wait staff to collect emails from diners once they finish up their visit?

These are all factors that will contribute to the response rates your emails will yield.

The restaurant industry has a decent average open rate at 21%, but the clickthrough rate of 1.25% is far from the greatest, which means you have to apply yourself to being original with your messages and not constantly resorting to food specials.

Need Help Setting Up?

We understand that the technical and marketing side of the restaurant business might not be your strongest and as food lovers, we’d be happy to help you start building a list that can keep your eatery healthy for many years to come. Contact us here for a complimentary consultation.

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