“Old Money” Mentality – How to tell if you have it

New year’s confession: Small town domination has been more challenging than anticipated.

But not for the reasons I expected.

Sure, coming to a small town with an appetite for capitalization’s a recipe for making big things happen, but if you’re there to make big changes that have been waiting to happen for years…

…chances are that this is the biggest roadblock you’ll face is the challenge of change.

The town I presently call home is like something out of the Twilight Zone.

This place is so strange, in fact, that even after I left for the big city when I was 17, I penned a novel using this place as the setting for that novel.

Ever see the movie Gummo?

If not, check it out both for entertainment as well as to see the contrast I’m drawing for you now.

What’s even more curious is how this place has just gotten even stranger.

Here are just some of the elements that make Owen Sound such a bizarre place to live (and why we’re getting ready to abandon ship):

> Tons of poverty here and yet, it’s a place that has a lot of rich rednecks (I’ll explain in a second).

> A nearby town that was home to a mental institution closed said facility, leaving its inhabitants homeless and destitute. Since Owen Sound was the closest large town, they all came here.

> Toronto has a population of 6 million people, yet Owen Sound (pop. 21,000) has a higher per-capita crystal meth addiction rate.

Now, about those ‘rich’ rednecks. We’re not talking about mass vaults of lucre here.

But these guys do have very high networths.


Old money.

Starts around the grandparents. Here (like in a lot of small towns) guys and gals jump into their lifetime jobs right after high school.

They land their first house by their late 20’s.

Come their mid-40’s, the house is paid off – so when their parents pass away and leave them their homes, which they turn around and sell, they now have their own paid-off home and six figures in their savings account.

Point is, they hold all the bread in town, but have none of the vision of what could be or desire for growth.

Hurts even worse when they’re the ones running town council.

Because of their normalcy bias, and their perception that everyone is living their reality, they do not understand how accepting change and focusing on infrastructure is vital.

Owen Sound being a small place, a huge portion of the area’s youth is seduced by what the big city has to offer and that’s the leading reason the population here doesn’t grow (three decades in a row!).

Bottom line = a fear of change and NORMALCY BIAS are guaranteed to lock your business in a very undesirable place (and that’s the best-case scenario).

We’re only a week into the new year – so if your 2020 Battleplan isn’t complete, there’s still time.

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