Our 3-Point
Client ROI Guarantee

It’s only natural for you to be cautious when looking for help with your digital marketing.

If you work with us, here is the 3-point guarantee you can put your faith in:

Guarantee #1:

We’re not for everyone, and we’re not afraid to say it

Have you had other service providers, be it freelancers, consultants or agencies promise you the moon, only to under-deliver on an epic scale?

We know exactly what we’re good at as well as areas where we just don’t have enough expertise to help you.

If you come to us with a project we know we can’t deliver 100% of what you expect, we’ll gladly refer you to a highly-qualified expert from our network who’ll be the perfect fit for what you’re hunting for.

Guarantee #2:

Everyone Else Charges You For Work You’re Unaware Of – We Don’t

Ever have something wrong with your car, perhaps an ongoing dinging sound? You take it into a mechanic (who senses an opportunity to make quick easy cash).

You ask him to take a look and get back to you about it while you step out for a coffee while he goes to work.

You get back expecting to pay him $50 or so to report on what was causing that annoying dinging sound…

…only to find out that he “identified” the problem and went ahead and fixed it…for a total cost of $280. That is a completely unacceptable way of doing business (in any field).

However, we see it all the time in the professional services industry.

This is how we do business when you become a client: if we identify a problem that will cost you more than the fee we agreed upon, we will forward you a brief detailing:

  • What the problem is
  • Our solution to the problem
  • EXACTLY how much extra it will cost to implement the solution

From there it’s your choice on whether or not to proceed with any extra costs.

Guarantee #3:

Our Work Is 100% Free If We Don’t Meet Our Goals

That’s right – if we can’t deliver what we promised when we started working with you, we’ll refund your fee.

Why would we do this?

We’ve met many business owners over the years who’ve had the misfortune of working with consultants or agencies who were clearly only in it for a quick payday.

They couldn’t care less about the needs of their clients or helping them succeed and grow.

Our 100% guarantee is our way of showing you two things:

  • You’re dealing with a team that is serious and fully committed
  • We’re in it for the long-haul – we prefer long-term relationships over one-off projects

No strings attached, no hidden conditions.

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