11:30pm is NOT the New 11:00pm | Serious Clickbank Partners Only

serious clickbank partnersMan, do I ever hate Toronto.

Like a man leaving a once love-filled relationship with acidic bitterness, my affection for this once brilliant city has evaporated like a pee stain in the Sahara.

Why am I leaving this town?

Oh, boy are the reasons ever many:

  • The people
  • Traffic
  • Potholes
  • The people
  • Being treated like a human ATM at every turn
  • Pretentious restaurants
  • The people
  • Noise
  • Pollution

…and the people.

Why Are The People So Fucking Bad?

DO NOT let up here – this is the most crucial part of what you’re reading right now.

In fact, it might even directly involve you.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a perfect example of one of the (many types) of d-bags I can’t tolerate sharing a world with anymore.

The girlfriend and I recently gave notice to our building management company that we’re giving up our apartment with plans to move to the countryside.

Since our notice was given, the company that owns our building sent out its project manager, whom we’ll refer to as PudWhack.

PudWhack was due at 11:00.

Instead, he manages to get in at 11:30 (Life Pro Tip – if you ever look to work with a project manager and he/she is late for a meeting, RUN. You cannot trust or rely upon a “project manager” who is late).

Strike one.

He started milling about the apartment with his shoes on, taking pics for the rental ad.

Strike two.

In a moment that demanded every ounce of restraint in my DNA, this millennial version of Peter Griffin went into our bathroom and stepped all over our shower rug with his boots.

Strike three.

Serious Clickbank Partners Only – No PudWhacks!

Recently, I’ve launched an initiative to find entrepreneurs to partner with me on Clickbank.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen Clickbank to manage partnerships is that it’s a foolproof way to precisely distribute the revenues of a product sold on the platform to the players involved.

Despite Clickbank’s ability to precisely slice payment percentages with ice-cold accuracy, it can’t fix PudWhackery.

In the past, I’ve partnered with tools who:

– Don’t turn in their projects on time

– Don’t pony up their share of ad spend

– Disappear if a million bucks doesn’t materialize in the first week

If you have a product on Clickbank or are planning to launch one and could use marketing and copywriting expertise, I’d love to hear from you…

…unless you identify with any aspect of PudWhack’s behavior/attitude in yourself.

When I say SERIOUS Clickbank partners only, I mean it.

Before we agree to work together, we’ll need to jump on Skype and determine exactly what our expectations for each other are.

To get the ball rolling, contact me here. Connect with me on LinkedIn.